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John Taylor


William Clark

phat bass

Troy Wyman


Chris Grimes


Brian Smith


Decimus is a mid-tier progressive thrash metal-ambient-groove kind of band. To completely understand just what the hell that is, you need to come and see us live.


We’ve been writing music since winter of 2018.  Our influences come from the very beginning of progressive death metal all the way into present day with riffage on the cuffs of Gojira, The Contotionist and Allegaeon.  What inspires our writing is a list longer than John Holmes'… personality.


As our writing process grew, we realized that we were aiming in more of a progressive direction.  Not-so-typical time signatures.  Music exceeding “radio length” songs.  No format, just a direction that we were compelled to go in.  Multiple sections that soar from epic to brutal.  We knew we had something special that truly represented who we were, not only as a band but as individuals who loved music.  We also knew that finding an audience for our music would be difficult.  Our biggest factor is the genre of music we play.  The only other type of music I can think of that’s even less popular is polka.  But I’m guessing that those old Polka bums sincerely love their music just as much as we do.


We want to bring our music to the stage in a way that we’ve never done before.  We want people to 'expericence' Decimus and we've worked hard at making that happen.

Who exactly is Decimus?

        Troy Wyman - main vocals

        William Clark - phat bass

        Chris Grimes - drums 

        Brian Smith - guitars 

        John Taylor - guitars 



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